Meet “The Funniest Ball in Gaming”

The Shockingly Funny
Video Game

Brings endless laughter
to this highly addictive,
action-packed game!

Hey You, Meet Buster!

Buster will constantly blurt out his sarcastic and hysterical opinion of how well or how poorly you’re doing in his unrelenting attempt to turn the game into a personal "battle of wills" between you and him. If you’re not careful, Buster's always funny, but incessantly rude and edgy commentary about your game play will draw you to “the edge of self-destruction”.

…And Meet Buster’s Playful
“Wingman”, Pipes!

The lovable yet mischievous "Pipes" is not able to speak, but he will do what he can to make getting a high score increasingly more difficult. As you play to unlock level after level will you’ll discover that Pipes is ever busy getting in the way, or putting things in your way, that will protect his little yellow buddy from your exploding balls.